Engine characteristics 4 Cycle | Water cooled | Vertical In-Line
Valvetrain configurator Over head cam
Type of aspiration Turbo with l/cooler
Type of injection Direct
No. of cylinders 6
Displacement (lit) 15.682
Compression ratio 16.4 to 1
Firing order 1-5-3-6-2-4
Length (mm) 1741
Width (mm) 1016
Height (mm) 1340
Dry weight (kg) 1252
Max. rated output (kW/min-1) 338/2000
Max. torque 1960
Lubrication system full force pressure feed type
Oil pump Gear type. Gear driven from crankshaft
Lub. oil capacity (oil pan only) (lit.) 47
Type of lubrication system Water circulation type by pressurized centrifugal vane type by v-belt driven
Coolant capacity (engine only) (lit) 36
Fuel system By plunger and nozzle. High pressure solid inj. type
Injection pump Zexel make. Bosch P type.
Governor RSV variable speed control mechanical governor
Type of fuel Diesel fuel (SAE 2D type)
Electric system Negative grounding system (24V)
Starting aid Glow plug
Starter motor (V-kW) 24-7
Alternator (V-A) 24-50
Battery requirements (V-CCA) 12-780
Quantity 2